A Special Tribute to an Incredible Natural-Born Healer


1 October 2007 I was diagnosed with Menier’s Disease three years ago.  I would constantly get very dizzy and very nauseous and lose all sense of balance to the point where an extreme attack would last up to 4 hours.   I can only imagine that this is what it feels like to be dying!  I truly thought the end was near for me!!! The attacks would come and go with no waning and this left me constantly on edge as I was always worried about when the next attack would come – so started to get panic attacks because of this.   I would lose all sense of control and this disease debilitated me tremendously.   All I could do was lie down in the dark, completely still, and wait for it to pass.   I was watching my life fade away before my eyes. I have had 3 major operations on my ears and yet nothing helped.   Doctors have said that I would have to live with this disease for the rest of my life.   I considered a future filled with doom and gloom and started to become very negative towards life in general. I do believe that it was through the work of our glorious God that a friend called me and told me about Rosemary and how she had helped her and her daughter to hell from their DIS-EASE! I felt I had nothing to lose and decided to go see her.   Being a natural sceptical – I left her first session wondering “can this type of healing really help a person lie me?” Today, I am so very glad that I pursued with my treatments and slowly but surely after each session with Rosemary I felt myself getting better.   I used to have on average during bad stages of the Menier’s Disease – 2 to 3 attacks a day.   Since having been treated by Rosemary – my attacks are gone!   And I believe they are “GONE FOR GOOD!” Rosemary taught me the power of gratitude and visualization!   I persevered even though whilst taking the treatment I would often feel worse – this was because my body de-toxing from years of DIS-EASE that had manifested within me. Rosemary – I have no words BIG enough to explain how truly grateful I am to you for believing in me when I had lost all hope.   I do believe you are one of God’s Angels sent here to help us on earth.   May God Bless you always and be on your side and assist you with this incredible gift that he has given you. Thank you for giving me another chance in Life.   You are truly one phenomenal Human Being! Kindest Regards Sandra