30th January 2012   Dear Rosemarie My son of 11 years old was diagnosed with Autism.   We knew something was wrong with him and went to several Specialists to find out what the problem was.   Hyper is not even the right word for him as I need to watch him 24/7. His sympthoms were:  no communication, could not compose a sentence,  laughing hysterically,  always restless, could not sit for 2 minutes.  Touching everything in front of him or on walls.   Immense difficulty to put him to sleep. I had been to see so many Therapists that I almost resented to come and see you until a friend spoke highly of you.   Well the improvement is phenominal.   He has calmed down so much, his personality has changed.   He has stopped this laughter, can now ask for whatever he wants to eat or do.   What a pleasure after those rough years. You are an earth Angel sent by God to help those in distress.   Thank You. Natasha