10th July 2012   Dear Rosemarie RE:  Stroke and Dementia My Dad is an Entrepreneur  and since his early twenties he has been a part time lay Preacher in the Methodist Church.    He is highly respected in his community and has used his voice to help people transform their lives.   In July 2009, he lost his voice, his ability to conceptualize and speak when he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that affected his right side including movement, speech and was reduced to diapers.   There was little hope of survival and due to the severity at his age, doctors would not operate on him and told us that our best hope was that he would survive but would be bedridden.   It is now exactly 3 years since the stroke and a week ago at age 65, Dad completed 3 healing sessions with you.   In less than a week, we have seen the most  improvement in the shortest space of time.   His Speech Therapist has asked how is it that he goes away to JHB for one week and comes back with such great progress.   You have restored hope that he will make an excellent and probable full recovery.   His Doctor’s report a week prior to seeing you indicated that he has severe dementia, inability to conceptualise and that we were holding on to false hope but you have restored what we thought we had lost.   He can button his cuffs, hold a glass with his right hand which he was unable to do.   His speech is clearer and easy flowing to the extent that today he gave a testimony to a small prayer group that had them jumping for joy as it was concise, with immense clarity and also inspiring.   He processes emotion so much easier and I cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done. God gave him a second chance, you have the gift that does not question God’s love and light but as the humble servant of God that you are, you allow the barriers of fear to be broken  down so that one truly experiences God’s love and in this space healing takes place Thank you so much Rosemarie, your warm atmosphere, sincerity and commitment to doing God’s work shall never go unnoticed for we appreciate all you have done.   I will send you pics of the progress. Thank you, thank you.   May God bless you in abundance and may you continue to be that true expression of God’s love and healing.   I have always believed that God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the call.   God has blessed you Rosemarie. You are a Healer!    With Angel Blessings and love Iris p.s.  2 months later Brian went to his church for a service when his favourite tune was played in his honour.   Thereafter he was requested to say a couple of words, walked to the pulpit and conducted a sermon which gave goose flesh to the community.   The sermon was all about "faith".    He was applauded, some people cried in joy, the whole church was moved.   He had renewed the hope of many.