3rd August 2013 Dear Rosemary Re: Tumor within the spinal cord I am now 27 years old and  was unable to stand let alone walk;  I was diagnosed with a growth/tumor in my spinal cord and was told the only option I had was to have an operation telling me that it was a 90% chance that I would never be able to walk again and I would be conined to a wheelchair. Deciding to get  2nd opinion from another Neurologist I was told the very same thing so an operation was not much of an option but was neede but no guarantees were given. After a few treatments with Rosemary I was soon able to stand, walk and eventually get bav\ck to work. Just to be able to move around and do things for myself was the best feeling in the world, lying in that bed and knowing there was no hope of getting up and walking again was a scary and devastating thought. I cannot express my gratitude to Rosemary, what she did for me will never be forgotten, thank you, thank you, thank you.   You truly give the words  " Healing  Hands "  its meaning. Kameshnee