13th February 2017 Dear Rosemarie I have had a spiritual challenge for almost 24 years which has caused mental, physical and emotional trauma for almost 24 years. I consulted qualified psychologists and psychiatrists during my battles and I was presented


23rd June 2007 Dear Rosemarie How can I thank you for changing my son’s life who was attending a remedial school in Fourways. I was devastated to be forced to put him on Retylin but slowly decreased the dosage. From


8th January 2017 Dearest Rosemarie My young sister who was only 16 years old had committed suicide 3 months ago. I was very close to her but being a lot older than her I found my special love, got married


10th June 2014   Good Day Rosemarie My daughter has been diagnosed with “Delayed Motor Myotomes,  lower limbs”.   My little Princess just could not walk  let alone take one step, furthermore she had by now lost a lot of confidence.  

Benedine & Family

Benedine & Family

3rd August 2013 Dear Rosemary Re: Tumor within the spinal cord I am now 27 years old and  was unable to stand let alone walk;  I was diagnosed with a growth/tumor in my spinal cord and was told the only

Rosemary Like most people, I met Rosemary through a friend in January 2006.   At the time, I was going through a divorce and needless to say, was highly stressed, distraught and depressed.   I didn’t have the tools to deal with


10th July 2012   Dear Rosemarie RE:  Stroke and Dementia My Dad is an Entrepreneur  and since his early twenties he has been a part time lay Preacher in the Methodist Church.    He is highly respected in his community and


15th February 2012 Dear Rosemarie I was diagnosed with Herpes 11 about 3 years ago and realised that this disease is incurable.   Being in love and trusting that very well-to-do man was to my detriment. I ended up with a


10th February 2012 Dearest Rosemarie My daughter developed Schizophrenia about 3 years ago.   It was upsetting, extremely difficult and depressing to deal with those various personalities to the point of totally dismissing her. I knew that sedating her was not the answer.   A


30th January 2012   Dear Rosemarie My son of 11 years old was diagnosed with Autism.   We knew something was wrong with him and went to several Specialists to find out what the problem was.   Hyper is not even the


24th June 2011 Dear Rosemary Rosemary, just a short note of thanks for all you have done for me, I still can’t believe what has happened in my life….over a period of 3 years I have had both my hips


28th September 2010 Dear Rosemarie This is just a short thank-you letter. You did a “house clearing”  to help remove the negavity and darkness around my home recently.   You did such a good job that we were able to sell


20th July 2010   Dear Rosemary I have felt desolate in that beautiful house.   My kitchen cupboards kept opening when I made sure the night before that they were closed.    I even heard banging in the kitchen on a regular


April 15th, 2010 Dear Rosemary Everything seems to be going wrong for me including my business.   Somehow I feel that there are a lot of bad energies wherever I turn whether it is in my house or in my business.  


6th April 2010 Dear Rosemarie RE:  DISC  DESICCATION I would like to thank you for taking away my pain. As you know I have been suffering with back pain for more than ten years. I have been to see lots


10th June 2008 Dear Rosemary I was horrified to actually see an old man daily removing my baby’s milk bottle from the microwave which was put in the night before.   I physically could see him standing in my open plan


A Special Tribute to an Incredible Natural-Born Healer ROSEMARY 1 October 2007 I was diagnosed with Menier’s Disease three years ago.  I would constantly get very dizzy and very nauseous and lose all sense of balance to the point where


5th March 2007   Dear Rosemary Hi, just a short note to say THANK-YOU for helping me put Sister Fiona Harmin at rest and piece, she died at home on the 10th December 2006 then I, Janet Kork had to

Janet Kork

14th April 2005 Dear Rosemarie What a pleasure it was meeting you.    At least I regained hope for my horse “Lady Jane” after a brief chat to you. She hurt herself badly in her hoof with barbed wire.    I felt


12th January 2005   Dear Rosemarie Thank you for coming to my house in Bassonia.   My daughter of 25 used to wake up many nights as she felt somebody strangling her.   My grand-daughter who has a toy which operates with


19th April 2004 Dear Rosemary My son came to Rosemary after we heard her on Radio 702 with Peter Ndoro. At that time he was attending a remedial school and was taking Ritalin in an effort to aid his concentration.  


18th February 2004 Dear Rosemarie Over the past 2 years I have been to quite a few vets regarding my horse “Barnt” who has a serious shoulder problem.   He has been so miserable and walks with pain.   I cannot ride


19th December 2003 Dear Rosemarie I had a bad car accident five years ago leaving me brain damaged, with loss of balance, one eye blurred, loss of my job, unable to cook for my family (consisting of 4 kids), and


January 12, 2002 Dear Rosemarie I have still not met you being situated in Cape Town although I feel such a trust and togetherness towards you. Over so many years you have been such a gem.   When I could not


1st November 2001 Dear Rosemarie As you know I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 10 years and medication was continually increased over the years. When I can to you in September this year I was in a lot


April 30, 2001 Dear Rosemarie I am a 20 year old British Female who was involved in a car accident on the 16th April 1999.   I was trapped inside the car, the Fire Brigade had to cut me out of


12 February 2000 To whom it may concern I was diagnosed with severe disc disease (osteo arthritis) of the lower spine approximately six years ago.   I experienced almost constant pain.   I had to lever myself up with my arms when