Spirit Attachment

Most attachments and possessing Spirits are human. They were once living physical humans just like you somehow got lost along the way and did not crossover upon their death. They use your energy to exist causing you to feel drained.

There can be “good”and “bad” attachments. They do not all possess people intentionally. When your guard is down , feeling weak or vulnerable is when Attachment Spirits can jump on board and tap into your energy or completely take over.

Attachments can cause physical and mental illnesses such as:

Bi-Polar, Alcoholism, drugs, severe depression leading to suicidal attempts, hearing of voices, feeling spaced out etc.

In the sanctuary of Rosemarie’s healing room she lovingly guides the spirit attachment as only a Spirit Releaser can do to leave your body and energy field. An uncontrollable movement of the body happens while the spirit/s are departing the body.

After the de-possession has taken place the response expressed by the patient is always ‘’ I FEEL SO MUCH LIGHTER AND RELAXED”

P.S. Rosemarie is only talking about her personal experiences and reserves the right to object working on demonic cases.