Psychic Readings


Rosemarie performs reading on a telephonic basis as well as on a physical appointment.

Rosemarie does use tarots as just a guide, she starts with an Overview as the months unfold followed by guidance from a lot of problematic questions which become solved with clarity including crossover, mainly messages of love and guidance from the other side.

Problems that are commonly discussed when Rosemarie does readings are:

  • Business – Ensuring that one is on the right path,  any creativity creating loss of business, overseeing clients or staff.  
  • Love – Guidance on the biggest decisions of your life.   Are u progressing in your existing marriage or relationship.   Cause of the problem.   Future love
  • Future Growth – Are you stagnant in your career ? Do you need direction ?
  • Relationships – Have you lost touch ? Are you struggling with a current situation ?
  • Crossover – Do you have unfinnished business ? Do you need to know truth ? Are your loved ones at peace ? Do you need closure ?

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